Sex Tips To Make Your Woman Beg For More In Bed

For many, sex is a simple daily routine - Kiss, body play, stripping down, lovemaking and orgasm. The same practice happens for individuals regularly without knowing the desires of their partner.

Did you know around 70% women are unsatisfied from their sexual live? Yes, it is a reality. The normal way of doing sex can give them orgasm but not satisfaction. Both are the different things that you need to understand to live happily with your partner.

Mostly women feel more satisfied with their fingers than their partners. This is not at all a good sign. If you’re someone who loves your woman a lot, you should think about her happiness. Dozing off quickly during sex can be normal in guys. But, you can do other sensational acts that can cherish her mood and make her feel great.

Remember That Each Woman Is Different

You’ve to act smartly with different female companions as every woman has diverse physical needs. Reading articles and watching videos can be good but I would suggest you to believe more in practical. Just do some naughty poses with your companion and let her feel excited. Playing with her properly could lead to the quick climax.

Likes of every woman can vary. As there are tons of sexual activities, you’ve to be very careful to perform only those that your female loves most. A smart guy has to understand his woman’s gestures in bed and try out some unique activities to make her feel astonished.

What You Can Do To Make Her Feel Great?

Remember to ask her what she likes most in bed. Give her sometime and try to know her. She might be having certain sensuous desires and expectations from you. Just fulfill them by simply lying alongside her and playing with her. She’ll certainly come over you and give you some hints. Be smart enough to judge such clues and take appropriate actions to fulfill her desires.

Personal Hygiene Does Matter

It is important to stay neat and clean to grab the attention of females. Women want a man in their life who likes to maintain his personal hygiene. Before going to bed, ensure to take a shower and clean up your body. Also, clean up your teeth. Remove unwanted hair around your private parts. Then, your woman would surely fall in love with you.

Poor smell from your body can turn off the mood of your woman. She always wants to be in the arms of suitable companion who knows how to live neatly. Whenever you are back from office, give some time to yourself to clean up your body and change your clothing. Apply a good quality deodorant to your body and then have fun with her. She’ll certainly feel excited and enjoy the physical relationship in a much better way.

Take Care of Her Personal Needs and Get Rewarded

If you take care of her happiness, she’ll surely revert with some positive rewards. You just need to be attentive and care her properly. When she is happy, you can also enjoy lovemaking in a better way. The type of relationship (one-night stand or serious) you are in with her does not matter. It is important that your woman should be happy from you to enjoy lovemaking in a better manner.

Look for her pleasurable body parts like erogenous zones. This can make sexual activities more exciting for her. Invest in your woman’s happiness and make her feel great. When you see your girl is having fun, you’ll certainly relish fun.

Date for Sometime

Don’t be in hurry for sex every time. It is important to get physical intimacy and build emotions and feelings. The time you are going to spend together would be helpful to know each other. Then, it’ll drive you to do sex for a longer duration. When two partners have feelings for each other, they enjoy sex more. So, date your partner for a few days or months and then go for the physical relation.

Foreplay Is Necessary

Remember that sex is not a race and if your orgasm first, then you are the winner. Your woman’s orgasm also matter. If your rod is up that does not mean she is also ready for lovemaking. To make up her mood, you can first enjoy foreplay for some time. Don’t rush into sex. Spend some quality time with her erogenous zones and play with your hands and lips properly. She’ll certainly get excited. Her body will get warm up and become ready for you. Then, it would be the right time to penetrate her and have fun.

Guys sometimes become selfish and think about themselves only. They just satisfy their sensuous desire and leave their woman. It is not right for a good relationship. She should also feel great and enjoy time with you in bed. Playing with her body in an appropriate manner is necessary to have endless fun.

Target Specific Areas For Intense Pleasure

In order to make your woman feel special, you’ve to target some specific areas that can add enough excitement to her love life. Do some activities in her erogenous zones like lips, ears, back of the neck, lower back and inner thighs. This would add excitement to her mood and make her feel special for you. The erogenous zones have nerves that can arouse your sensuous desires. You can give her body to body massage and touch those areas. Make sure to do it before sex. The pleasure she’ll get in excitement would be remarkable. Then, you can explore her body and touch her here and there.

Be A Boob Man

Ensure to pay extra attention to her breasts. This can create excitement and make her feel great for you. Nipples are the main areas where you can target. Most of the guys mainly focus on penetration and forget about the breast play. If you want your woman beg for the next round of sex, ensure to play with her boobs. It’ll provide extra stimulation and lead to a better orgasm.

You can do these practices with her breasts:

  • Gently suck her nipples.
  • Make a circle from your fingertips around her breast and move slowly to nipples. Do the same practice for another breast as well.
  • Lick her breasts and nipples in excitement. This would surely lift her mood. 
  • Play With Her Hair

Some nerves are also linked to scalp. During lovemaking, they are useful to increase the excitement. When your woman is up for sex, pull her hair gently by grabbing them from your hand.

Note: Remember that all women don’t like this act. If your woman is not ready for it, don’t force her and leave her hair. Her consent is needed to enjoy this act. If she is happy, you can also get her complete support. Get a consent sex and feel better than ever.

Tease Her During Sex

You can tease your woman while having fun with her in bed. This will add an extra excitement to her mood and make her feel special. During penetration, you can slow down the pace a little bit for a while and see her reaction. Vary your pace and become normal after some time. She’ll enjoy this teasing game. She is going to beg you for lovemaking and then you can do it properly. When a woman begs for sex, it becomes more exciting for guys as well. Consider this fun loving activity and relish your mood with her.

Do Try Some New Sexual Positions

There are some usual sexual positions that most couples try such as doggy style and missionary. But, these are not enough for complete pleasure. You can try some more positions as well like woman on top. Be ready for experiments and do something new to drive your love life smoothly. Women really want their guy to do unique positions.

Happier couples are those who try out new positions. There is no harm in seeking happiness in new poses. Some positions that can you consider tonight with your girl are Butterfly, Reverse Cowgirl, The Pretzel, Spooning and The Valedictorian. These activities are surely going to add extra fun to your love life and make you feel special.

Do More Than Sex Sexual Positions

If you’re doing new sexual positions and your woman is happy, it does not mean you should just do that. You can try something else as well to make her feel great. Doing some wild activities in bed can add extra excitement. It can simply boost your love life and make you feel excited.

Compliment Her Features 

Every woman has one of the other good things. Guys should focus more on such good features instead of looking at her weakness. Women feel low and depressed with small breasts, less stamina, loose stomach and other drawbacks. Such females avoid making sexual relationship. If you come across any female who has such problems, ensure to compliment her features and she’ll certainly get good feelings for you.

Kissing Makes Her Feel Great

Ensure to kiss her during sex. Kissing increases the intimacy in women. Men usually avoid kissing and playing with breasts. Females don’t want only penetration but much more than that. All necessary things come into play and make up the mood of individuals. A romantic kiss can certainly make your girl beg for sex from you.

Try French kiss and some deep tongue kisses. This would be such an exciting experience for her. She’ll start giving you extra support and fulfill your extreme sensuous desires. Kiss her everywhere including her vagina. She’ll certainly appreciate your efforts to satisfy her intimate desires.

Become A Little Aggressive 

Yes, women want their guys to be aggressive in bed. Though most women say no when you are aggressive, actually they want you to do something naughty. Your aggressiveness can make her orgasm. But, do the things in your control so that she does not get hurt.

The control fun that you’ll do with her would be enjoyable. Playing with her body would be a remarkable experience for you. It does not mean it is necessary to lift or showcase your power to her every time. A little aggressiveness while making love is enough to make her feel for you. Prove her that you a powerful man and she’ll love your physical authority over her.

Make Her Orgasm Before You

Do you know that around 80 percent of men get orgasm within 2 minutes or even less that that while penetration. However, the average duration for orgasm in women is 4-5 minutes. When a man is over and reaches orgasm, he stops then and there. His woman left without reaching orgasm. This is really a frustrating situation for her. So, it is important to make her orgasm before you. Then, you can easily reach your climax and have endless pleasure. When she is happy with you, she’ll surely ask for another short. Take your sweet time while having fun. Women are not in hurry for orgasm. They just want to enjoy foreplay first and then relish lovemaking. This can reach her orgasm first and then you can do some naughty activities for the extra entertainment.

These tips are really helpful in making any woman feel great in bed. She’ll certainly fall in love with you and beg for more, if you are able to implement these tips properly. I hope your sex life flourish and you enjoy it a lot with your beloved.

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