Why Girls Want Their Boyfriend To Know About Their Male Friends

Females want security in their relationship. And those who are serious with their guys tell about their male friends so that they don’t get negative mentality about their friendship. Males also want to listen to such things for the security purpose of their relationship. Let’s check out some aspects that can clarify this thing.

Sense of Security

It is hard to rely on guys as they can say anything, anytime. They can put a terrible comment on your photo on any social media site that can lead to breakup. By telling about them as their only friends, girls build trust on their boyfriend.

Attract Their Boyfriend With Jealousy 

There are some girls who play with their guys. Jealousy plays an essential role in grabbing the attention of individual. At times, when boyfriend does not give enough importance to their girlfriend, girls use this trick. I am a kind of person who loves to know about my girlfriend’s male companions. I’ve no problem about this. But, when I tell about my gorgeous female friends to her, she really stops speaking and gazes at me. I know girls get more jealous than guys.

Just To Tease

Playing a teasing game with boyfriend is funny. Girls just want to check out the expression of their boyfriend when they hear about their handsome male friends. Some guys really get fed up and others simply smile.

Try To Know His Response

Some girls just check out if their boyfriend has any problem with their male friends. Limitations are sometimes crossed in friendship like boozing at a lonely place can lead to sex. Male and female are attracted to each other naturally. When they are all alone and their minds are not working, it can increase their sensuous desires to have lovemaking. So, it is important to make a proper distance and maintain your love relation and friendship separate.

Only Friendship Nothing Else

Females just want to tell their boyfriend that their male companions are nothing more than just friends. In the era of increasing number of male-to-male and female-to-female relationships, I think it is ok to have some opposite sex companions. At least guys and girls have security about their partner’s sexual interest.

Impact of Social Media

All types of friends are added on social media sites that are usually visible as they comment, like and share posts. So, girls can easily showcase their male friends to the world and their boyfriend. I think there is harm in doing such thing. Broad-minded guys should not mind it.

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