Sex Tips – What All Women Want Their Man To Know

Your smartness matters a lot when it comes to satisfying your girlfriend or wife. She must be having some expectations from you in terms of sex that you can spice up her mood and make a healthy relationship. Sexual desires of women can be met by you, if you are aware of them. Relevant knowledge can help you achieve your target to satisfy your woman. For a healthy sex life, it is important that your woman is completely satisfied. Let’s check out some useful things that your woman must be expecting from you:

Start With Sizzling Words

Don’t be in hurry for making a physical relation. Hold for some time and speak appropriate words to make her feel special for you. When you give her value and say beautiful words, she’ll love you erotically.

Better Contact

It’s important to make a proper contact during positions like doggy style. For this, you just need to make some adjustments like lifting her properly and penetrating her for endless pleasure. Remember to play with her clitoris and vaginal wall. This act would surely liked by her and help her reach orgasm.

Add Extra Excitement By Playing With Different Areas

Ensure to explore some other areas and add excitement to lovemaking. Calmly press her spinal area and kiss her stomach. Ensure to kiss above the pubic hair. This would certainly add more enjoyable feelings for limitless pleasure.

Be More Active For Fun If She Avoids Call

In case her call phone rings while having fun in bed with you and she ignores it, understand that she is enjoying. Be more curious for lovemaking and do the activity with eagerness. She wants your extra attention when she is hot. Just care for her and have endless pleasure with her body.

Be Crazy Sometimes

Do some crazy moves like go for hiking or canoeing to make her feel excited in height. The altitude can increase her stimulation and she can come closer to you. It would be the great opportunity to make her realize your masculine qualities and have endless pleasure.

Buy Her A Special Drink

Go to any bar and buy a special drink for her. She’ll surely enjoy its taste because you would buy it with love. It’s actually not about the drink instead about the love you are showing to her. Women really want their partner to care for them and think of their happiness.

Use Peppermint

Undo her clothing and pour of peppermint over belly and breasts. Then, drink it slowly. The pleasant fragrance of peppermint would surely excite her and make her fall for more fun. You’ll also enjoy the greatness of the peppermint and cherish your mood like never before.

Check Out Some Unique Tips

Many knowledge given websites, mobile apps, magazines, videos, articles and blogs are available wherein you can get some stunning tips. Going through some suitable information and trying them practically could be a good experience for you.

Greet Her With A Kiss

Remember to say hello to her with a sweet kiss. She’ll surely appreciate your way of impressing her.

Avoid Her Dislikes

It is important to avoid those things that your girl doesn’t like. It is as important as playing with her main areas. Remember that females are very sensitive. You have to be very tactful to handle them. Ensure to praise your girl and make her feel great. She’ll certainly appreciate you when you avoid her dislikes.

Remember To Seduce Your Girl

By seducing her, you can make her fall in love with you. Then, it would be convenient for you to have endless pleasure with her. The mutual lovemaking would be memorable for you to cheer up your mood and have fun.

Stay In Touch With Your Friends 

If you are seeking a girl in your life, remember to stay in touch with your friends. Your probability of getting a girlfriend from your friends is more than finding her in a bar, gym or anywhere else.

Continue Making Her Feel Great

During lovemaking, foreplay or any other erotic activity, if you stop or divert your mind to something else, she will not get her orgasm. Her whole mood will get spoiled. So, it is important to continue making her feel great until she is done. She’ll love you back only when she is happy with you.

Learn How To Stop In Between

Doing lovemaking continuously can make you come quickly. It is important to know when you have to hold your horses and then start once again. It’ll help you last longer. The duration of relation that you make with your companion would be astonishing. Simply learn the technique to stop during penetration and enjoy it for long time.

Scene from Your Hot and Sticky Movie

Ensure to keep a stunning movie in your phone that you can show to the girl to arouse her. An erotic scene from the movie can make her come closer to you. It should be a spectacular movie with some astounding scenes.

Check If She Is Liking It Without Asking Her

You can get response from her body as well about whether she is enjoying fun with you or not. Touch her perineum from your middle finger to see if it is getting small or wide. If it is getting wide, she is having fun with you.

Look for Her A-Spot

Some researchers believe that there is A-Spot as well just like G-Spot that helps in female orgasm. Just use your finger and penetrate inside her vagina and try to find the A-Spot. Move your finger here and there and make her feel great.

Learn The Right Pace 

Experience really makes a man perfect. If you do it too fast or too slow, she will not enjoy it. A gentle pace is necessary to do it for a long time and make your woman feel astonished.

Play Some Good Sports

By playing sports, you can remain fit and would be able to grab the attention of ladies. Get positives from all the possible ways. The remarkable experiences you’ll get with the hot chick would be astonishing.

Break Up But Never Think To Cheat Her

If you are not happy with your girl, break up with her. She’ll feel bad but it is better than cheating her. Girl cannot bear the pain when their boyfriend cheat them and have fun with another girl.

Serve Her A Good Breakfast

An overnight sleep with your companion could be remarkable experience for you. But, in the morning you should wake up before her for the first few overnight stays and cock breakfast for her. She’ll really appreciate this approach of yours and think of having fun with you often. All women want their guy to care them. So, this caring act would surely make her feel great.

Response of Passionate Kissing

To know if your lady is enjoying with you, kiss her passionately and check how she responds. If she kisses you back properly, understand that she is also having fun with you. The intense kisses tell everything. It is important to be a smart kisser and make some good moves.

Hug From Backside 

I can tell you from my experience that girls love when their guys hug them from behind. Your girl would surely get excited and turn to you for endless pleasure.

Improve Clitoral Contact With Pillows

If you want to improve the sensation and penetrate your rod completely inside her, it is important to expose her vagina fully. Place pillow under her hips to make a nice shape. Then, you are ready to do penetration inside her and improve the clitoral contact.

Do Dirty Stuff In Spite of Her Innocence 

All girls love dirty talks with their guy. But, introvert and innocent girls are hardly able to open up for it. You can show some courage and start first. Start dirty talks with her and see her response. If she is responding properly, continue the talks and make her feel good.

Compliment Her

It is important to have a confident partner to enjoy with her properly. Compliment her every small thing like voice, dressing style, etc. She’ll surely enjoy getting praised by you. Boost her confidence and enjoy your time with a happy partner.

Play With Her Lingerie

Don’t be in hurry to remove her bra and panty and play with them. Touch her lingerie with your hands and have fun. Women just like this act. Guys usually make a mistake and remove the girl’s clothing quickly. But, you’ve to wait for a while and then consider any romantic moves.

Check Her Body In Mirror

Seduce her and take her in front of the mirror. Appreciate her body parts and make her feel great. This way, you can create excitement in your love life. By bringing something new sensuous activities, you can get exceptional memories.

Don’t Ask Questions In Between

Avoid asking questions during intercourse until she reaches climax. Asking unnecessary questions while having fun could be irritating. Don’t spoil her mood. It is better to hold your talks and concentrate on enjoyment.

Odor Can Arouse Her 

Use a good quality deodorant in your body to arouse her. When she is ready for you, the fun would be stunning.

Beautiful Words Matter A Lot

Concentrate on the valuable words that can make her feel great. By speaking some magical words, you can excite her gratifying feelings.

Music Is Life

Take your partner to a music festival. When a couple listens to a romantic music together, it gives positive vibes to them. They get close to each other and it excites their erotic desires.

Turn Down Voice While Watching Porn Together

You can enjoy porn with your partner on mute and provide voice on your own. Just watch the moves performed by them and follow their path. This would certainly excite your mood and give you something that you always want to experience. Let your fantasies come into play and do try something that can heat up your mood.

Move TV Away from Your Bedroom

Watching TV in your bedroom and wasting your valuable time can kill your love life. It is better to remove TV from your bedroom and focus on your partner. She’ll like your attention and get excited for endless entertainment.

Dating With No Sex

Sometimes date her without doing sex. She’ll get positive feelings for you and think that you are more interested in her than only playing with her body. Even if you are alone in bedroom, talk to her and give her time to understand you. When you are close to each other, you’ll certainly get an opportunity to have fun with her. Wait for the right time and allow her know you properly. The right approach to fun and entertainment would surely excite you and add some intimate fun to your love life.

Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene 

Ensure to take care of your personal hygiene and stay neat and clean. Additionally, do clean up the dirty stuff around you. She’ll appreciate you and have a lot of fun.

Try To Read Her Without Her Voice

It is important to know your partner from her expressions. During foreplay, you can get some clues from her expressions and know what she wants you to do.

Heat Up Your Room

By keeping your warm, you can get some positive feelings. This would spread positivity and allow your partner to have a lot of entertainment. Getting some positive vibes could be an exciting experience for you and your girl.

Don’t Be Too Fast All The Time

Keep calm and penetrate her properly. The gentle way of having penetration could give you better experiences. Let your penis spend some time inside her and make her feel its heat.

Praise Her Beauty After Having Sex

Mostly guys forget about their girlfriend after having sex with her and lie down comfortably. But, the female needs you at that point of time as well. It’s ok to take some rest but at least talk to her and praise her beauty. This can lay the foundation for the second round of fun.

Do Surprise Her

A same old daily routine in bed could be boring for couples. Ensure to surprise her with some unique positions. She’ll also give her best when you make her feel good.

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