Special Touching Techniques To Arouse Your Woman

Touching your woman gently and arousing her intimate sensuous desires is something that requires expertise and knowledge. Relentlessly touching her here and there won’t make her feel good. It is important to touch her main spots.

Women have a lot of expectations from their guy. They also want their man to play with his fingers properly and arouse their sensuous desires. Intercourse is an essential part of love life but women also want their man to use his hands and provide sensational touches.

Slow Touches For Extreme Entertainment

Women like slow and steady touches. It provides extreme pleasure. Most of the guys are in hurry and they move their hands over the body of their girl speedily. But, it is not liked by her. Ensure to play properly and move your hands slowly over her. She’ll certainly enjoy your touches and come closer to you.

Places To Touch Her and Arouse Her Intimate Sensuous Desires

Apart from breast, vagina and butts there are some other places where women feel excitement.

Back side of her neck is a sensitive area where women feel excited. Touching her neck and moving your hands over it could be an outstanding experience for her.

Touching and kissing the clavicle area could be a thrilling tactic to arouse her. Women really like guys playing their clavicle. For this, you can undo her shirt’s button and expose clavicle. Kiss it smoothly and touch it while having sex as well.

Put your hand over her shoulder but ensure to not press it extremely. Guys who have heavy hand should put it slowly over her shoulder. Make sure to not keep your hand over her for a long duration to avoid her feeling pain.

Guys usually don’ pay attention behind the knee of their woman. But, she really likes it. Ensure to touch her behind the knees.

Remember to play with her earlobes and arouse her intimate desires. Once she is aroused, she’ll surely support you and make you feel better than ever.

Put your finger over her palm. You can do this anywhere you want and even in a public place.

If you want to make her feel good, foot massage is an ideal way of doing it. Massage her toes, ankle and feet properly and make her feel excited. She’ll surely appreciate you and enjoy the great stimulation.

Play with her hair and move your fingers around. Place your fingers around her temples and press it gently. It can help in developing her mood for extreme entertainment.

Touch her gently around her inner thighs and feel its heat. She can easily get aroused while playing with her inner thighs. Also, ensure to touch her pelvis and have endless enjoyment.

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