Top 32 Wild Animals of India That Can Amaze You

Wildlife centuries, forests and national parks in India have many animals with their exclusive species. Their unique breeds have made them popular. Wild animals in India are spread in all parts of the country. From the Himalayas to Southern parts of India, you can find a number of animals, birds and reptiles in the country. I have also collected the list of some of these animals. In this blog, I will give you the details of some great animals found in India. Though the species of some of these animals are in danger, the government of India is taking all the possible steps to protect them. Getting a look at them in a zoo is totally different than in jungle or national parks. Tourists from other parts of the country also visit India to experience the view of these wild animals.

List of Wild Animals In Incredible India:

1. Himalayan Bears
2. Bengal Tiger
3. Indian Civet
4. Striped Hyena
5. Indian Jackal
6. Indian Wild Dog
7. Indian Wolf
8. Golden Langur
9. Honey Badger
10. Lion Tailed Macaque
11. Nilgiri Tahr
12. Barasingha
13. Sambar Deer
14. Chital
15. Clouded Leopard
16. Snow Leopard
17. Bengal Monitor
18. Gharial
19. Mugger Crocodile
20. Black Panther
21. Indian Python
22. King Cobra
23. Red Panda
24. Blackbuck
25. Blue Bull
26. Indian Bison
27. Indian Wild Ass
28. Wild Water Buffalo
29. Sloth Bear
30. Asiatic Lion
31. Indian Rhinoceros
32. Indian Elephant


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