What All Things You Should Carry To The Hospital For Delivery Of Your Baby

If you are pregnant and about to complete the ninth month, you should start packing your bag for delivery of your child. The bag should include clothes for both the new born baby and his mother. On top of it, you need to carry some other essential products which I am going to share with you.

Here is the list of items to carry in your bag for delivery:

  • 6 set of clothes for new born

  • 2 towels for baby and 2 towels for mother

  • 1 blanket

  • 2 long night dresses

  • Shawl

  • Socks for mother and child

  • Scarf for mother

  • Cap for child

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Toothbrush and paste

  • Soap and brush

  • Pad for mother

  • Diaper for child

  • Feeding bottle in case the mother doesn't get the milk

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