Why You Should Always Use Virtual Keyboard To Enter Password For Netbanking Or Online Banking

In today’s time, when people are using internet banking rapidly to do transaction, it has become important to take care of the safety measures very carefully. Trojan programs, spyware and virus are made by hackers to steal the banking data of people. Whenever anybody enters the password from keyword, it stored in the memory of the computer. Hackers can easily steal date from it.

It is essential to use Virtual Keyboard to enter your password because this is shown online on a SSL secured platform in the website URL starting from HTTPS. So, there is less or no chances of getting your password hacked.

Not only your password, but other important details like debit or credit card information include CVV should be entered using the Virtual Keyboard. You can also enter your Username using the Virtual Keyboard.

Be a smart internet banking user and enjoying online transaction trouble-free by taking care of this aspect in mind.

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